• Aqua Caribbean Spa

Aqua Caribbean Spa

Pamper yourself in a totally tropical setting with organic treatments and products such as with chocolate, coffee and coconut. Enjoy an Exotic Caribbean massage experience on a private ranch, surrounded by nature.

Caribbean Massage 1h $ 60

This therapeutic treatment restores the energy balance of the whole body with a gentle massage using a particular moisturizing coconut oil. This treatment evokes exotic athmospheres, pleasant sensations and can also include the use of other aromatic essential oil blends in order to meet the individual needs.

Detox Massage 1h $ 65

This massage is aimed to detoxify at once mind and body. Grapefruit and citrus flavors (mainly lemon and orange) are used to relax the nerves, and the resulting lymphatic drainage rejuvenates effectively skin and muscles.

Coffee Body Scrub and Massage 1h $ 75

It's a deep cleasing kind of body-scrub with natural coffee and bio-vanilla from Costa Rica. This treatment aims to remove dead skin particles and to rejuvenate the tissues through the nourishing action of the different vitamins contained in the natural scrub ingredients.

Hot Chocolate for the Soul 1h $ 75

It's a body and face treatment consisting in the application of hot organic chocolate through a relaxing massage. Chocolate is indeed characterized by its hydrating and nourishing action that leaves the skin smooth and elastic.

Hot Stones Massage Therapy 1h $75

This treatment melts away tension, eases muscular stiffness and increases the circulation of blood as well as the metabolic process. It works through the gentle pressure of water-heated stones on key points of the body.

Deep Massage 1h $ 90

This therapeutic massage implies a wide variety of techniques in order to hasten the healing process of injured muscles and / or to release persistent muscular tension.

Back and Neck Massage 30min $ 40

This treatment frees the back, neck and shoulders of tension. Perfect after a long day of traveling or biking. It's a kind of soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain.

Pamper yourself: Caribbean Experience 2hrs $ 110

This therapy embeds and integrates different techniques: a deep skin exfoliation with natural coffee and organic vanilla from Costa Rica as well as a relaxing massage with coconut oil. Than followed by a full body treatment with hot chocolate, a shower and a final Ylang Ylang moisturizing cream treatment.

After Sun 45min $ 45

This treatment aims to hydrate and refresh your skin after a long day in the sun with a gentle relaxing massage that includes natural aloe, vitamin E and lavender.

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